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City of Mildura

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Located a 4-hour journey east from Adelaide, or a 6-hour drive north-west of Melbourne, rests the vibrant town of Mildura, Victoria. Set on the serene banks of the iconic Murray River, Mildura offers a unique blend of captivating natural attractions, rich history, and a thriving food and wine scene.

From thrilling activities and enthralling cultural attractions to explorations within the world-renowned Mungo National Park, Mildura presents numerous things to engage in that will undoubtedly leave you with a lasting impression. Commence your adventure here and ensure that you comprehensively experience all that this dynamic city has to offer.
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Traversing the Exquisite Murray River

The Murray River

Traversing the inland waters

When we explore the highlights of Mildura, it's impossible to overlook its quintessential appeal.

The Murray River, the heart and soul of the Mildura region, is host to several picturesque spots such as the river lock, the lush lawns of the Mildura Rowing Club, and the welcoming environment of Apex Park Murray River.

Embark on your adventure by discovering numerous camping sites scattered along the river bank that promise a rejuvenating experience for people of all ages.For those seeking adventure, Mildura presents a plethora of activities.

Canoeing and hiking immerse you in nature, offering a wonderful opportunity to connect with the region's idyllic landscapes. And for those seeking a more leisurely experience, choose one of our carefully-curated day tours. This winery tour offers a comprehensive portfolio of Mildura activities - from exploring local attractions to cruising down the tranquil Murray River - providing a relaxed yet rewarding day out.
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World Heritage Area - Willandra Lakes Region

Mungo National Park

Home of Mungo Man

Just a few hours north of Mildura, extending into the vast expanse of outback Australia, lies the magnificent Mungo National Park.

Known as one of the top attractions in Mildura and a great travel destination, it offers an astonishing collection of native flora and an array of wilderness that lends itself to countless stunning Mildura images.Enriched with breathtaking sights, it is undoubtedly one of the main things to see during your visit to this region.

From scenic walks that offer an immersive experience of the outback to glimpses of the native animals that inhabit these lands, the park captures the true essence of Australia.Despite the kilometres you have to traverse to reach it, Mungo National Park certainly justifies the journey.

It holds no substantial cost besides the travel, making it accessible for family outings, and offers an authentic taste of the outback.

In short, exploring this park is a bit of a walk but undeniably one of the great things to do when visiting Mildura. The plethora of engaging experiences it presents makes the park a delightful source of storytelling inspirations and picturesque memories.

As you may not want to get stuck on the road with your new Holden, definitely read the road conditions before making a trip as they are often closed once rain hits the area.

Please see the following Link for road conditions;

Arumpo Road Condition Report

If you prefer a guided tours which includes transport out to the park see our most popular Mungo tours.
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Exciting Activities for the whole family

Mildura Attractions

Exciting Activities for Kids

Asking yourself what to do in Mildura for the whole family? Look no further! This town boasts a variety of kid-friendly activities that ensure a fun-filled experience for the young ones.

Located on the riverfront of Mildura, the Water Play Park, situated on Hugh King Drive, is another delightful free facility. It provides a fantastic spot for kids to cool off and enjoy, particularly during the hotter months.

Equally captivating for children is Woodsies Gem Shop, where they can let loose in the maze, and spend hours entertained by intriguing gems and artifacts. A literal hidden gem in Mildura, it guarantees enjoyment for everyone!


To make an unforgettable day out, consider a trip to Perry Sandhills, situated on the outskirts of Wentworth. This remarkable landscape is not just a natural marvel, but also a dynamic playground. Here, the sand works as fuel to ignite the imagination, keeping kids engaged and entertained for hours.

Embark on a riveting journey back in time with a family visit to the Old Wentworth Gaol. Located in the heart of Wentworth, this historic site provides an intriguing experience for kids and grown-ups alike. Brimming with captivating stories and rich history, a day out at this fascinating gaol ensures education meets adventure.
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River to City, A Mildura city Walk

Feast Street

Activities & Attractions

No visit to Mildura would be complete without indulging in the local cuisine. Lovingly dubbed "Feast Street," Langtree Avenue is a gastronomic haven for food enthusiasts.

Here, new menu items and exciting flavours await at every corner, providing a culinary journey that’s as adventurous as it is delicious.

See what's on as there is always new events going on :

This classic Mildura image and lifestyle is nestled in its simplicity. Do a leisurely stroll down Langtree Street unveils the city’s charming attributes, presenting an array of quaint cafes, enticing restaurants, boutique stores, and immersive art galleries.

Whether you're casually wandering, popping into shops to sample local produce, or simply soaking in the ambiance, the vibrant energy of this locale is bound to captivate you.
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a popular base point to use for local exploring

Historic Chaffey Trail

Activities & Attractions

Unearth the rich history of Mildura with The Chaffey Trail. This enlightening Mildura walk takes visitors through the city's iconic gardens and landmarks and unfurls the compelling story of two Canadian brothers.

These pioneers, after establishing the first-ever irrigation colonies in America, ventured further to the Australian outback, bringing agriculture to this region.We offer a specially curated tour that includes an in-depth explanation of the profound history of Mildura.

Our knowledgeable guides narrate the transformative journey of how this vibrant city bloomed under the innovative influence of the Chaffey brothers. Don't miss the chance to explore, learn, and appreciate the fascinating roots of our Murray national treasures and Mildura attractions.

You will not have trouble looking for things to do and things to see, you are bound to have a fantastic trip. It doesn't matter whether you're an artistry seeker, an adrenaline junkie, a history buff, or a foodie, Mildura has something for everyone in the AU!.
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hotels and accommodation in Mildura

Hotel Options in Mildura

Make your stay memorable...

Offering both comfort and luxury, the hotels Mildura has to offer also provide a unique insight into the city's distinctive character. Whether you choose the Grand Hotel, boasting a central location, or the serene Riverside Motel with its stunning river views, Mildura hotels cater to a diverse range of preferences. 

For detailed reviews on the most popular places to stay, visit the link to TripAdvisor provided below.

Your ideal resting spot in Mildura's city awaits!
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"Clean & Green Food Bowl"

The area produces vast quantities of table grapes, wines & dried grapes along with numerous other crops like almonds, olives, citrus, pistachios, asparagus, carrots & so much more. Dryland farming of the outer region along with the diversity of the irrigation crops creates a spectacular combination of patchwork fieldsto explore all year round.