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Phill Stone

Phill grew up surrounded by wheat & sheep on a dryland farm near the spectacular Pink Salt Lakes of the Mallee.

Fascinated with early Australian pioneer history he spent childhood days on horseback exploring giant sand dunes and Mallee scrub collecting old bottles, irons and other fancies from farm ruins.Work outdoors kept him in tune with the bush and its inhabitants while after-hours were dominated by sports like long-distance running, cricket & football. His grandfather who worked in the local salt mine would be intrigued by the reinvigorated interest in tour requests about the stories behind the pink salt.
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Alison Stone

Alison was raised on a dried vine fruit property and spent her youth surrounded by lush fresh fruits and produce grown on the family farm.

She has always had a strong passion for the natural world and great appreciation of the traditional owners of the land. Childhood summers were spent picking & packing grapes, raking out dried fruit and hours splashing in the warm waters of Lake Bennanee. Family drives often explored beyond dusty back trails leading to fascinating sites like Lake Mungo, now their most popular tour destination.
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