December 1, 2023

Mungo National Park Tour

Explore the remarkable landscape of Willandra

Where nature meets heritage and untamed scenery meets today's tourism hot spot. A worthy addition to your trip of NSW, our Mungo National Park tour offers an immersive experience. “Discover Mungo” National Park day tours’ fully guided ‘Walk & Talk’ tour of the “Walls of China” caters for day-trippers and inquisitive explorers and considered the absolute tour highlight.

We offer captivating Mungo tours that unravel the journey of time, passing the timeline of past centuries into the existing landscape we visit today. Our guided tours promise to transport you into a world where the breathtaking panorama mirrors the beauty of nature and whispers of the past. Going beyond the habitual and traditional expectation of national parks, Mungo National Park stands as a testament to the ancient cultures that were thriving in Australia. The site offers an enriching, immersive escape for any visitor.

Our Guides

Alison Stone, Mungo National Park 1975

Enjoy the splendor of Mungo park under the guidance of experienced tour guides who know this unique landscape. Our Mungo guided tour experts show consummate professionalialism and have extensive experience walking the park and spend considerable time studying and acquiring an expert-level understanding of this important site.

Ancient people of the past

Join our Mungo National Park tours and learn the significance of early aboriginal discoveries and their connection to land. Experienced guides have keen eyes and are always on the lookout for ancient artifacts making exceptional finds on their daily ‘treasure’ hunts.  Immerse yourself in all aspects of the park taking in the pastoral history; the scientific discoveries as well as aboriginal culture. Delve into the secrets of Mungo as our guides share their insights into the ancient artifacts scattered across the terrain. With keen eyes and a passion for discovery, witness firsthand the tangible links between the land and its earliest inhabitants.

Our tours not only showcase the archaeological wonders but also weave together the diverse threads of Mungo's story. Immerse yourself in the park's pastoral history, tracing the footsteps of those who once called it home. Explore the scientific discoveries that have unraveled the mysteries hidden within its layers of time. Moreover, gain a profound understanding of Aboriginal culture, appreciating the deep connection between the indigenous communities and this sacred landscape.

Mungo National Park Tours

Tours packaged by us for Mungo

Mungo National Park Day Tour cost includes pick-up and returns to your accommodation (in Mildura); Fully guided day out with your driver/guide being your host for the full day; Park entry fees apply which are included in your price; Morning tea (homemade) plus a detailed guided walk on the “Walls of China”.

The guided walk on the “Walls of China” , considered to be the tour highlight is only accessible with licensed accredited guides like ourselves. The walk component of the “Walk & Talk” tour is on compact sand but may have some uneven surfaces and is classified as ‘easy’.

Australian Wildlife

Plenty of time is allowed for viewing of wildlife and native flora, and tours provide rare chances to stop and witness native animals in their natural habitat. Mungo National Park also hosts a variety of wildlife, whether it's catching a view of a some red kangaroos in their natural habitat or spotting a Wedge-tailed Eagle – sightings list comes complimentary with your outback tour!

Emus are in great numbers in the park and often we are seeing fathers with their chicks of all ages pecking away at seeds while wandering throughout the saltbush. Guides have keen eyes and know where to look to see Bearded Dragons perched high on Dylan Bushes or catch glimpses of the ever elusive Pink Cockatoo or Splendid Blue Wren. Harmless endangered Carpet Pythons have been spotted recently, a very special moment to capture. To experience these majestic creatures as they slowly slither across the road to safety, and into the outback bush is remarkable.

For the avid birdwatcher, Mungo is a paradise, hosting a myriad of avian species. From the elegant flight of the wedge-tailed eagle to the vibrant hues of our Pink Cockatoo, each sighting adds a burst of color to the outback palette. Whether you're an enthusiast or a casual observer, our tours provide an opportunity to appreciate the intricate interplay between flora, fauna, and the vast expanse of Mungo's unique landscape. Every moment becomes a celebration of the natural wonders that define this extraordinary corner of the Australian outback.

"Discover Mungo Day Tour"

What to Expect on Your Trip!

Every Mungo tour begins with a 90 minute drive to the National Park. With private pick-ups from specific locations in the Mildura area, your journey will be comfortable and relaxed from the commencement of the tour. Embark on an awe-inspiring guided tour through the Mars-like outback, with landscapes of the ancient dry lakebed inside the National Park. 

Get your camera ready because the Mungo lunette, known as the 'Walls of China', is a sight you have to capture and is the absolute highlight of the tour. As these guided tours to the Walls of China are a primary attraction, we conduct a walk that is methodically set ensuring the delicate formations are preserved for future generations. Mungo National Park is a testament to the ages, with rotating dunes known as 'lunettes' capturing 40,000-years of history in their layers. 

After lunch at the picnic ground of the Visitor Centre we allow time to explore the historic wool-shed of Mungo Station, established in 1869 it is an important part of the Mungo story. Finally, at the end of your tour from the national park, our guides take you back to your local accommodation, rounding off a day of discovery and learning that you won't find anywhere else.

Whether your an adventure enthusiast who loves exploring mystical places full of natural attractions or you are in search of an unforgettable experience surrounded by history and heritage. Our Mungo National Park tours are your ultimate ticket for an unforgettable journey into Australia's vast landscapes, brimming with rich history. Mungo, a nsw national treasure, a love attraction for natural beauty, or a thirst for unique discoveries, our guided discovery tours to Mungo will meet them all.

Our comprehensive mungo drive tour traverses through the ruggedly beautiful terrain of the national park, offering a scenic and educational day-trip to mungo unlike any other. As we are dedicated towards delivering you a seamless and enjoyable tour experience, we kindly recommend our guests from Sydney, Adelaide, and Melbourne to consider scheduling your tours in advance.

Come join us on a mesmerising journey to Mungo National Park.

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Convenient Accommodation at Mungo Lodge

For those searching for more than just a tour and a prolonged exploration of the outback and wish to extend your stay at Mungo National Park, we can sometimes provide packages that include a luxury stay at Mungo Lodge. This comfortable accommodation located adjacent to the national park means you have the option to witness the splendid views of a Mungo dawn and dusk.

Mungo Lodge is an upscale accommodation option located near the magnificent Mungo. With its stunning contemporary design, the Mungo lodge offers an immersive outback experience of Mungo without compromising on comfort and convenience. Guests can choose from a range of accommodation options - from classic Shearers Quarters to luxury cabins that blend seamlessly into the beautiful natural surroundings. 

Mungo Lodge Accommodation

NSW National Parks

To protect Mungo and NSW national parks' unique ecosystems and preserve their natural beauty, certain policies and rules have been established. Visitors are requested to adhere to these guidelines: No littering or removal of any natural objects — flora or fauna. Fires are prohibited outside designated fireplaces. Mungo camping is permitted in designated areas only, and all waste must be disposed of responsibly.

Dogs or other pets are not allowed at Mungo, with a few exceptions in specific areas. The use of drones at Mungo and other aerial photography devices require a permit. These rules are in place to ensure minimal human impact, safeguarding Mungo and precious spaces for future generations. Always remember, in a national park: 'take only photographs, leave only footprints'.

Arumpo Road & Balranald Road

Condition Report

•  Balranald Road Condition Report

•  Arumpo Road Condition Report

We journey to the park regularly each week on the unsealed roads and are experienced in reading their constant changing of conditions. In dry conditions dust is always a major problem and as the road is shared with large haul trucks it is paramount that you stay alert to navigate sometimes difficult conditions.  On a good day most people can navigate the unsealed roads but in wet conditions roads quickly become dangerous which is when you appreciate the skilled driving of someone who knows the road inside out. Arumpo, Top Hut and Balranald roads will quickly close after rain events which make the park inaccessible.

Mungo National Park will also close if wet conditions make it unsafe to visit. We make a promise to our participants that no matter what the conditions are that if we can safely travel to the park to explore we most certainly will. We closely monitor the changing weather conditions so if any tour is at risk of not proceeding you will be notified in advance, with as much warning as possible.

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